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Goosebumps  Slappyworld escape from shudder mansion/r.l. Stine ]


Riley Shiner is obsessed with a video game based on a real haunted house in his neighborhood. He has played the game so often he knows it by heart, but there’s a level he just can’t seem to beat.]



Imagine playing a game that was based off of a real haunted house  and ending up in that same house you were in the game, it’s scary knowing that the monster is with you.]


My Recount About Rippa

Wednesday 30th August 2023


On Tuesday the 29th,  we had a rippa tournament, and for the past five weeks we have been preparing for it. But little did we know we would come 2nd.


 It started when we had a meeting so we could gather all the teams, we had talked about who the teams were, and where we would play.after the meeting we had walked all the way to the field down kings road where i live, once we had gotten to the field there was a lot of people, i had started to get nervous for like five minutes.after we had set up camp we had started to warm up cause it was really cold and slippery.after we were done, Mr Bell told us to go watch the year 3 and 4, Glen Taylor and Stone Field, so we could get some ideas about what we are doing.


While we were watching  we had got some good news, we were about to verse, G.I. (Glen Innes) their team looked intimidating, but i just shook it off and played. During the game I was so fired up because we were the ones winning. Once the ref blew the whistle it was, 4 – 2, we had won,we were all jumping in excitement that we won.When the game finished we went back to camp and waited until the next game.


When Mr Bell told us that we’re on (there is a game) we headed to the field to see Glen Brae. I was so excited to play them. They seemed very serious, we had won the game by three points, and again we were jumping in excitement, I did not jump in excitement only because we had to stay humble. After we had finished  having a break our next game was different, because we went up against  our other team.we were starting to get a bit tired during the game, but we still stayed focused throughout the game.we had just won by two(5 – 3) we were so happy that we were about to go to the finals, but there was still one more team and that was stone field.


Once we had won the match against Glen Brae, we were tired. We had taken a long rest, well only 10 minutes because our match would start then. When it was time we headed over to the field only to notice that the field looked hard,as soon as i set foot on the field  my feet started to get sore.during the match i had scored 2 tries, i was so happy, but exhausted i quickly subbed off to catch my breath. We had won, because of my two tries, it was, 6 – 4 we had finally made it to the finals.


 We had taken a break , we were all super tired, I had started to get dehydrated but I still had to push through. When it was time we went to the field to meet the 3rd  team of Glen Brae, they looked scary, especially this one dude, who looked like he was in college.when the ref blew the whistle to start the game  we were so close to the try line, but we ended up losing the ball.during the game we had managed to get a few tries, but we were still struggling to keep up,it was the last play and they intercept and Glen Brae scored the whistle blowed and that was it, we had lost to the best team there.we all were drained of energy, and went back to camp in disappointment, one of the boys went and got KFC and shared for 2nd place, i had watched as Glen Brae had started to celebrate, with joy, but i was very proud of myself,at  least i had gotten a try.we had went back to st pats proud. BY VAHALOKA.


church strand/vahaloka

church strand

Me and my class did church strand for RE,the church strand is about the life of the early church and what dose mission mean.we have been doing church strand for the half of term 3, it has been fun doing church strand and doing the early church. the early church was basically the first  ever charity, the early church was different, they didn’t just do money but they would sell their entire house and all there belongings to the needy and the poor, but they did not care because they believed in jesus.

my swimming(Vahaloka)

This was the very first time I had ever swim at saint Patricks, and for the past two weeks I had been improving in my swimming and that I had learnt how to float and not touch the floor. when I had first looked at the pool I had thought that it was very deep cause I have never swam in the deep deep area before, because I am used to touching the ground when I reach the end.our instructor, Li Shao was an amazing instructor and he had helped me the most of the way, we had been taught all the basic training for swimming, I had found it hard and easy, but I had still persevered through.we had done freestyle, backstroke, sidestroke, and we had some races.but my favourite part of it all was to jump off the side during the last five minute.

improving my maths work,and getting 100/100 on our, five minute frenzy.